Italian Cuisine - A Worldly Dish

Italian cuisine is basically a Mediterranean cuisine based on the various ingredients, cooking methods and recipes originated over the Italian peninsula since antiquity, and subsequently spread all over the world with waves of Italian immigrants. 
There are literally hundreds of varieties of Italian food including appetizers, main course dishes, desserts and drinks. The ingredients used are primarily legume based vegetables, rice based dishes, meat and cheese based dishes, olive oil, herbs and spices, and whole or refined grains. The main ingredient of Italian cuisine is pasta, which is made of long stringy seeds of long Italian beans called spaghetti. Spaghetti uses tomato sauce or oil, onions and other ingredients while Linguini, is an eggplant dish that includes garlic, oil and mushrooms.
Italian cuisine is famous for its tomato-based dishes. Tomato sauces are usually used with pasta to enhance its flavor and to enhance the palatability of the dish. Some of the most popular Italian tomato sauces include the ziti, balsamic, vinaigrette, picolitano, mascarpone, fettuccine Alfredo. Most Italian deserts are chocolate covered espresso beans, pistachio, hazelnut, figs, praline, salami and pineapples. Italian desserts are also popular such as tiramisu, gelato, mousses, tiramisu and macaroons.
Italian dishes are usually spiced with various types of herbs. They are also flavored with olive oil, butter, garlic, Rosemary, thyme and basil. Spices are used to give these dishes a distinctive flavor. Basil is often used as an Italian herb and is dried and crushed. It is mixed with lemon juice to make a drink known as basil tea.  You can get more enlightened on this topic by reading here:
Italian cuisine also includes fish as one of its major dishes. Fish is used in many Italian dishes, although the most common fish is Italian white fish. Italian cuisine features fish that are usually grilled or broiled. Seafood is another type of food that is frequently used in Italian dishes. Some famous Italian dishes that are made with seafood are sushi, polenta and fish pasta. Other Italian dishes available at Greenwood Village wine bar that are made with fish include caviar and carpaccia.
Italian cuisine is renowned throughout the world. It has created many versions of traditional meals and is now used in restaurants, hotels, caterers, catering services, homes, bakeries and even pizza shops. This cuisine continues to grow and has become one of the most popular cuisines in the world.
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